WHOLE > Sum of its PARTS

TEAM WORK Saturday

By now, we’ve probably all heard of Aristotle’s famous quote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  In an ideal world, a collection of people would be able to get more work done together than on their own.  Sounds simple, right?  Sure, if we were all robots.  We are not robots, however, we are independently very unique, very individualized human beings.  Human beings with our own set of goals, motivations and **gasp** egos!

Today, we’re working in TEAMS of four with a special focus on TEAMwork.  Within that TEAM of four, it would be really easy and awfully convenient for our egos to each run a quarter mile holding that medicine ball and then promptly return to the gym for our equal share of Wall Balls, Pull-Ups and Burpees.  The funny thing about our ego, though, is that it more often than not wants to be the best!  Today, that means being the best TEAM!

Let’s face it, you have to have more than your fair share of competitive drive to do CrossFit.  That’s what makes this sport and C5 specifically so AWESOME!  So, if I want my TEAM to be at its absolute best and I know I hate Pull-Ups, but do Wall Balls for fun in my garage, it would certainly make a lot of sense for me to shoulder more of the load on that medicine ball while my TEAM picks up more slack on the rig.  Ahhhhh, but that would mean checking my ego at the door and who is comfortable doing that?

Give it a try today!  Communicate with your TEAM:

1.       Before the WOD: Where you’re strong and where you’re weak.  Plan!

2.       During the WOD: How you’re feeling and if your plan needs adjusting.

3.       After the WOD: Reflect as a TEAM.  What worked and what didn’t?  

**Spoiler Alert**: This doesn’t just apply to CrossFit.  Apply this concept of TEAM to your life outside the gym, whether it be at work or at home, and see how productive your various TEAMS can be when everyone is concerned about the production of the WHOLE instead of its individual PARTS.

Make it a great weekend, TEAM!


In teams of 4;

For time :
-run 1 med ball mile (together)(1 med ball per team, partition carry as needed)
then, in a relay fashion, (one partner works at a time):
-200 pullups
-200 wall balls
-200 burpees

*30min time cap