Only 2 weeks until OPEN workout 16.1 is here!!!! Are you ready? 

There has been A LOT of chatter about The 2016 CrossFit OPEN around the box and on our social media pages lately, and for a very good reason, it's one of the MOST EPIC times of the year in our little community! 

Words can't explain the energy, the perseverance, the triumphs, the struggles, the challenges, the will, the motivation, the drive, and determination that comes out in everyone during this 5 week competition. 

Some things to understand about the OPEN; 

  1. Every FRIDAY, beginning February 26th, the OPEN workouts will be held at every class time on the schedule all day. It will be up to you, the participant, to ensure you get to a class to get your OPEN workout judged and recorded. 
  2. We will have an optional makeup day each Saturday following at 12pm. **PLEASE NOTE that Saturday makeups MUST be scheduled with a C5 coach prior to showing up. 
  3. ALL classes will run in HEATS as EVERYONE participating will be judged and have reps counted. There will be a VERY STRICT schedule to get through these workouts within the 1hr class window. 
  4. If you know that you will need additional mobility or specific movement prep prior to workouts, it will be YOUR responsibility to get in early and get your personal prep completed prior to a C5 coach warming you up and prepping the group for the workout. PLEASE be prepared to stick to a STRICT schedule for this as mentioned in #3. 
  5. We will be providing a suggested game plan each week, along with suggested training schedules for the 5 week period. 
  6. This is a 5 WEEK COMPETITION. It is A LOT more than just 5 workouts for those of you who want to do well. 30 days of stressing about workouts, pushing beyond your limits, and trying to recover in a few days to push the limits again can take it's toll on the body. Your ability to understand #recovery is critical!

Looking forward to this 5 week TEST!! 

Make it a great Friday friends!! 


A1. 3x6 air squats @5150 tempo
A2. 3x1 wall walk into 15sec FLR (on floor) w/shoulder taps (if applicapable)

B. 12min AMRAP:
-20 single unders
-20 wall balls
-20 hanging knee raises
-10 db thrusters
-10 strict pushups
-10 strict dips

A1. 3x6 alt. assisted pistols
A2. 3x15-30sec handstand hold (w/shoulder taps or hand release' if applicable)

B. For time:
-60 double unders
-50 wall balls
-40 T2B
-30 clean & jerks (135/98)
-20 hspu
-10 C2B pullups
-10 ring dips

*15min time cap