The Sport of Fitness

The growth and evolution of this Sport is mind blowing! 

It's crazy to think about how simple and small the first CrossFit Games were back in 2007 compared to the massive attraction it has become today in 2016. 

A group of the C5 crew travelled down to Carson over this past week/weekend to witness The 10th year anniversary of the CrossFit Games. WOW! The level of human performance is insane! 

Matt Fraser came out with a burning desire to WIN, and he did just that. Katrin Davidsdottir reclaimed her title as the Fittest Woman on Earth. Both athletes demonstrated an amazing amount of strength, speed, skill, resilience, will, drive, and pure heart! 

Individual Games athletes went through a grueling 15 events over the 5 day period (Wednesday thru Sunday). This SPORT has definitely evolved into something WAY beyond a couple Fitness tests to prove the winner. To compete at this level, there is no longer the option to have a day job other than Fitness. Fitness and training is their LIFE, all day, everyday. 

Today, us mere mortals, will be TESTING the skills that we have been progressively focusing on over the past 12 weeks with a Clean & Jerk max. Stay focused and utilize the tools we have given you during our progression to help you lift efficiently!

Good luck on the barbell today friends! Make it a great Monday!  


A. clean & jerk drills & progressions

B. 6 sets:
-6 med ball squat cleans
-6 strict pushups (hands on med ball if possible)
*rest 60sec b/w sets

C. 1k row for time

A. clean & jerk drills & progressions

B. w/a 25min running clock, build to a 1rm clean & jerk

C. 1k row for time