We all set goals with the best of intentions, but often times struggle to accomplish them. This is not because we don’t work hard and attempt to put our best foot forward. Most of us intend to attack our goals with the utmost conviction, but, more often than not, we lack the necessary energy to accomplish the task to the BEST of OUR ABILITY and TRUE POTENTIAL. Perhaps we aren’t lacking physical energy, maybe it’s mental energy or emotional energy. Regardless, when we lack energy, our ability to execute and meet those goals is impacted. Often this causes feelings of disappointment or discouragement and impedes all the hard work that was done. Having appropriate physical, emotional and mental energy is a critical component for each of us.  Insufficient or sufficient energy begins from EACH and EVERY FOOD WE EAT DAILY! Our body is a set of systems that work simultaneously. In order for us to have appropriate energy we must feed the set of systems correctly. If you eat only processed foods, your body will reflect that via a lack of energy, lack of drive or poor physical and mental performance. On the other hand, if you eat REAL WHOLE FOODS which can be metabolized, your body will reward you with energy, focus and stellar athletic performance.  Certainly, we all want to reward our bodies, right?! After all, our bodies work hard for us. No matter what goals you’re working to achieve, properly energizing your body is the formula for success! Thankfully, there are numerous foods that will fuel your body with an abundance of energy. For now, here are several foods to add to your daily diet that ENERGIZE YOUR BODY:


- Drinking lemon water gives you a good boost of vitamin C that aids your immune system.

- Detoxifies the liver

- Purifies the blood

- Balances the body’s PH

How to drink it:  You can squeeze some fresh lemon juice into your water, or blend a peeled lemon with the pulp (juice of fresh lemon works, too) into a smoothie for a citrus treat that boosts your body’s energy!


- Dark leafy greens are a nutritional POWERHOUSE!

- Greens have an abundance of chlorophyll phytonutrients. Those phytonutrients are healthy super powers for your body with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

- They also neutralize acid forming compounds caused from other foods. Acid in the body causes numerous problems. Eating more greens consistently creates a balance that will help offset the acidity in your body.

- Greens are loaded with Vitamin K (this is an anti-inflammatory vitamin)

How to enjoy your greens: Raw is always the best way to get the most nutrients from dark leafy greens. Making a large salad with your favorite ingredients tossed in some olive oil and a pinch of Celtic sea salt and fresh ground pepper is a delicious way to get your greens! If you can’t stand raw leafy greens, you can slightly sauté or steam them too.