Making the Move

from "Foundation" to "Life"

The CrossFit Five Cities group class program is designed to help everyone succeed in a gradual, safe, progressive fashion w/longevity and balanced Fitness in mind.

As a general rule of thumb, we always recommend any and all of our On Ramp graduates follow our FOUNDATION program for a minimum of 60-90 days.

This is TOUGH for most people to stick to. You want to do all the other fun stuff that you see other people doing in the class setting; olympic lifts, technical gymnastic movements, jumping on higher boxes instead of stepping, lifting heavier things.....etc.

The reality here is this; it takes YEARS to develop the tendon, ligament, and muscle fiber strength that will support the high intensity, high volume workouts that you "want" to do. If one tries to jump into a CrossFit program with both feet, you are most likely going to injure something along the way. Keeping you in the FOUNDATION program is not a punishment, it's not something that should be looked at as a negative, it's not because you "can't" execute a squat clean with a barbell, it's there to HELP YOU succeed in your Fitness Journey SAFELY! To 'develop' and 'prepare' your body for the long term Fitness goals that you want to achieve.

When making that decision to move from Foundation to Life, be sure to ask yourself some VERY important questions;

  1. Why do I want to follow the LIFE program? (Is it because it aligns with my goals or is just because "other people" are doing it?
  2. Is my body ready for increased volume, increased technical movements, increased loading?
  3. Am I ready to increase the necessary RECOVERY work to support my increase in training; hydration, nutrition, mobility, stretching, MAP 10 work...etc? As a general rule of thumb, when workout intensity, loading, and/or volume increase, you need to increase your RECOVERY practices to support it. If you aren't recovering properly from Foundation workouts, maybe consider starting with increased RECOVERY efforts before you increase your workout volume.
  4. Are you foam rolling everyday, are you stretching everyday, do you execute 30min (minimum) of MAP 10 work for every HARD workout you do? In relation to #3 above, if you aren't doing these things now, you haven't earned your badge for more work. Prove to yourself and to your coaches that you understand the importance of RECOVERY, and then you can increase your workload. Are you at least getting on an AirBike after your WODs and cooling down for 15min or do you just run out the door, pouring sweat, and running back into your overloaded lifestyle?
  5. Is your CNS ready for more volume and technical movements? This one goes deep into; your lifestyle, your job, your sleep patterns, your age.....etc. Your Central Nervous System (CNS) can only handle so much stress. Whether it's stress from your daily lifestyle, your relationships, or your workouts, your body looks at it all the same. If you have a high stress job, get subpar sleep, eat subpar foods, do not hydrate properly (50% of your bodyweight in ounces per day **this is a minimum), chances are that your body is NOT ready to support more challenging workouts. You might "think" you want to do them, but after a month of increased training sessions that are NOT followed with the aforementioned (#3-#4), you may find yourself burned out, fatigued, and/or worst off....injured.

In conclusion, our goal here at C5 is to not only provide a high quality Fitness program for you, but to educate you along the way in HOW to approach your Fitness Journey. It's not easy. It's hard work. It's hard to have the patience to grow over time. Mix all of this patience to grow, understanding how to listen to your own body, the alignment of your own goals and your current lifestyle, showing up consistently, learning to execute movements properly, increasing RECOVERY work, and you have some HARD WORK to put in.

Some of you will be making the move to the LIFE program in January 2016. Make sure you're ready for the added responsibilities that will be expected of you, not just from your C5 Coaches, but from your body!

Make it a great week of Fitness Friends!!