How do the C5 Group Classes work? 

Here at CrossFit Five Cities, we understand that everyone is different and each of us has our own, individual goals. It is impossible to have a "one-size-fits all" fitness program. Scaling and modifying randomized workouts, day in and day out, will only get you so far.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone in our program gets results, and gets them safely through proper progression. This is why we have developed the 2 program levels within our daily, group fitness workouts. Each program level (described below) takes place at any and all of our regularly scheduled group classes.

This gives you, the athlete, the option to choose a program at any group class time that meets your current fitness level and goals. Each program offers a balanced fitness progression, frequent testing, and room to grow during your individual fitness journey.

If you're unsure which program to follow, our Basic Fitness Assessment will help determine which program suits you best at this time in your fitness journey. 


The "Foundation" program is designed to help you build your foundation as an athlete in the C5 program. Here, you will build a strength base, increase your conditioning, learn a wide variety of movements, and have fun! This is the basis of our other programs. Learn to execute proper movement quality with repetition, learn to move properly under different loads at low to moderate intensity levels, and get exposed to a wide variety of mixed modal movements in different time domains. The "Foundation" program will utilize basic squatting (double and single legged), pushing and pulling movements, slow lifts, basic bodyweight/gymnastic movements and progressive conditioning to help you build the basic strength and overall fitness ability to eventually progress to the "Life" program.

When do you move programs? Whenever you feel ready. For some it might be 2 weeks, others, 4 years. There is no specific time frame as we are all individuals with different abilities and goals. We recommend all new people to our program begin here to develop a fitness base. Take as much time as needed here and consult with a C5 coach if/when you have questions.


The "Life" program is designed to take your fitness to the next level. Whether you are just moving here from the "Foundation" program or you are wanting to increase your GPP (General Physical Preparedness) for your recreational sport and/or for the physical demands of real life, this program is a good place to hang out! This program will help you develop your balanced fitness with an annual progression plan. Here you will learn how to pace, how to work skills under fatigue, you will experience olympic lifts and how/when to increase loads, you will experience A LOT of variation in movements, reps, sets, time domains, technical movements, advanced gymnastic movements, how/when to push yourself to the limit, and when to pull back. This program is a good place to stay forever for those seeking health, longevity, and balanced fitness.


Desire more out of your fitness journey than what group fitness has to offer? 

Do you have specific needs, goals, desires relative to your fitness?

Do you want fitness beyond GPP?

Schedule a consult with one of our Individual Design Coaches today to see if ID is right for you. 

*Individual Design is for ALL fitness levels, from beginner to advanced