At CrossFit Five Cities, our mission is to inspire individuals to live a higher quality of life. This starts with understanding that "nutrition" is the foundation of ANY fitness program and the results you will achieve are in direct proportion with the foods you choose to consume. Without proper nutrition, you hinder your ability to achieve your fitness potential.  

Here at CrossFit Five Cities, we strive to help you succeed and avoid failure with your health and fitness journey!!


Something to understand;  we are all different, we all have different lifestyles, different responsibilities, different stressors in life, different needs and different goals. There is no one-size-fits all nutrition plan and your individual nutrition prescription will change as you evolve in your fitness journey.

This is a starting point, two of the most popular nutrition plans in our community that have proven success in high level athletes and the regular Joe.


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click 'THE ZONE DIET' for more details.

Diet is paramount to optimizing human performance. Our clinical experience proves the Zone Diet, by Dr. Barry Sears is the best nutritional model for optimal performance. Issue 21 of the Crossfit Journal offers a comprehensive overview and start-up guide for implementing the Zone Diet. Included within you will find definitions, charts and recipes.

Understanding how the Zone works begins with understanding “blocks.” A block is a simplified unit for measuring the 3 macronutrients in your food (protein, carbohydrate and fat). One block is comprised of: 7 grams for protein, 9 grams for carbohydrates, and 1.5 grams for fats. Equal representation of all the macronutrients constitutes a meal. Mastery of this concept makes meal building a snap. The “Block Chart,” outlines daily block requirements, which differ from person to person, as well as the macronutrient content of common foods.

The article also contains recipes for snacks and meals ranging from one to five blocks. The recipes include a breakfast quesadilla, chili, and grilled chicken salad.

CrossFit has been experimenting with portioning strategies for over a decade. We encourage everyone to weigh and measure for one week. It may not be fun, but the benefit will be invaluable. Within a week you will have developed the ability to estimate correct food portions and formed a heightened sense of your nutritional needs.

The Zone Diet amplifies and accelerates the benefits of the CrossFit regimen. CrossFit’s best performers are Zoning. When our second tier athletes commit to “strict” adherence to Zone parameters they quickly surpass their peers. -INFO COURTESY OF CROSSFIT JOURNAL

For optimal result; combine the two. 'Paleo' foods in 'Zone' proportions.